Private Lesson Policies


Getting started:

  1. Learning a musical instrument and cultivating a deep love of music is a great blessing in one’s life.  That said, I understand that getting started on the cello can be confusing and that studying music seriously requires a significant commitment of time and money.  I offer a free trial lesson, so that we may all get to know each other, discuss goals and expectations, and coordinate a workable schedule for lessons.  



  1. I use the following policies to ensure that students, parents, and I may easily maintain a regular schedule of lessons.

  2. To enroll in my cello class, after the free trial lesson, I require a commitment of at least four months of lessons. 

  3. I organize lessons into trimesters: 16 lessons minimum in the fall (August - December), 16 lessons minimum in the spring (January - May), 6-10 lessons in the summer (June - July).

  4. I promise to reschedule any lessons that I have to miss do to illness or performance conflict.  I also offer make-up lessons for conflicts that arise in your schedule, as long as I’m given one week’s notice. 

  5. I’m happy to reschedule or waive lessons during winter break, spring break, and I’m flexible about summer vacations.

Lesson Fees:

  1. After you commit to my class, my policy is to teach weekly lessons (four lessons a month), receiving payment for the entire month on the first lesson of the month.  I teach at my home in north-east Austin, in some school programs, and a limited number of students may enroll in “house-call” lessons.   I offer hour lessons, and, for children 11 years old or younger, half-hour lessons.

  2. One month of weekly, hour lessons taught at Evan’s home: $200.00

  3. One month of weekly, hour lessons taught at your home: $240.00

  4. One month of weekly, half-hour lessons (11 years old or younger) at Evan’s home: $100.00

  5. One month of weekly, half-hour lessons (11 years old or younger) at your home: $140.00

  6. For advanced students or students with special needs, I’m happy to coordinate longer lessons or multiple lessons a week.  Please feel free to inquire about special arrangements. 


  1. For my protection, I expect my students and their families to agree to the following:

  1. I am not liable for injury to students, their family, or friends accompanying them on my property.

  2. I am not responsible for students outside their weekly lesson time. Students are welcome to wait in my home for a reasonable time before and after their lesson.

I believe open communication is a key ingredient of success in music lessons, so please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions: